> Life is like biryani. You move the good stuff towards you & you push the weird shit to the side.  

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February 21, 2018 -- 10:44 AM
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July 20, 2017 -- 10:51 PM
posted by Al

July 19, 2017 -- 11:53 PM
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July 17, 2017 -- 11:09 PM
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July 17, 2017 -- 8:26 PM
posted by Al

I guess everyone is just looking for love. I'm just surprised who those people are. I just can't even today.

July 12, 2017 -- 10:45 PM
posted by Al

Okay internet that is enough for today.

June 29, 2017 -- 5:26 AM
posted by anonymous

June 22, 2017 -- 10:05 PM
posted by Al

The internet can be great sometimes, you can learn practically any subject of interest, see other people's art, and it brings people together. The one down side, frakin trolls! I've wasted too much time with trolls I'm going to quit the forums and message boards for a while.

June 19, 2017 -- 10:15 PM
posted by Al

June 18, 2017 -- 12:51 AM
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June 07, 2017 -- 11:21 PM
posted by Al

Was going thru my old email deleting junk I should have gotten rid of a while ago. It occurred to me how much crap I've actually been thru. Some emails were funny, some were sad, some were poignant, and some just reminded me how far I've come. Well I'll leave you with an interesting link:

Avenger's Takara wiki

Basically the wiki of my D and D groups adventure.

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